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筆芯雕刻 – Pencil carving

My name is 李健竹 ( Lee Chien Chu ). I am from Taiwan.
Lee chien chu a common person but a self-taught pencil carving artist can express wonderful pencil art.
I am doing pencil carving art since Oct 2010. I work in micro area and out a lot of time into this.
This looks like a normal pencil but you will be amazed to see what comes out of It.
I am overcoming difficult about technology,tools,steady hand.
In the midst of hardship, it was the motivities that restored my soul and raise me up, when i got some amazing works.
Give my best every time because I never know if there is a next time.
so i will push my limit to get more works great.
Let me sharing you about my work that you’ve never seen a pencil arts as cool as this!PhotoGrid_1448278945386 PhotoGrid_1448355563904 IMG_6750 IMG_6778 IMG_6807 E.T E.T Mazinger Z 無敵鐵金剛 IMG_6865