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beach art

I’m a 38 old french artitst living in Biarritz, France where I practice an uncommon art , by definition land art, but also what I call “beach art”, a bit compared to street art that is part of my influences. 

Using a rake, I draw at low tide huge frescos on the beach.
As street art, I use a public place (natural) to disseminate this free art accessible to all, easily understandable and spreading messages.
As land art, my (first) work dosen’t last, vibes with its environnement as a big zen garden.

My drawings are sometimes optical and visual searching for simple beauty, sometimes broadcasting a message wich may be explicit and written directly on the sand or through a drawing as could be a stencil.

It is a way for me to turn a usual place, naturally, to disseminate a thought, get people to look at their environment in a different way and make them ask questions. 
I try to capture nature’s fleeting, ephemeral beauty.  My work is characterized a geometry and poetry that makes us stop and reflect on the magic of a moment, our relationship with nature, and the very essence of our beings.
It is also an area of expression beyond standard that few media can provide (I can draw over 1km!). 
I actually drew in France, Spain, Marroco, UK, Jersey, Bermudas, Irland and Portugal this month, trying to bring my art around the world, showing its beauty by this original way. All those art trip will be documented in a book to come.

My work is double since once the draw is completed, I took shots in the maximum angles that gives me the cliff overlooking the beach before the tide erases all within hours. I reworked some more or less, to create a certain atmosphere in the picture, read more “poetically” and create a real second artwork.
Part of this large work is collected in a series of  photos 
digitally printed  on brushed aluminum for the specific light, produced in limited copies in 3 sizes: 150x115cm (3copies), 100x75cm (7copies), 50×37.5cm (12copies).



hachures nbFinding its way

Belzaunder the lightening

bubble paon

My guide line is the nature, trying to include it into my art and include my art into mother nature. Also look for interactiv art and ephemeral on sculptures or installations as you’ll see on my site: