17 murals on the grey school outer walls @ Sibiu International Street ART Festival 2017

Sibiu International Street ART Festival is the only festival in the world where artists paint so many sqm on the grey school outer walls, making up the Sibiu Street Art Tour.

This year, 30 artists created 17 mural paintings, one installation and other 5 works on panels during live-painting sessions held in the center of Sibiu. In total, the mural paintings cover 1400 sqm.

Sibiu Street Art Tour leads to 13 city locations in which 48 mural paintings (~3500 sqm) can be admired. This tour can be done by bicycle in about three hours with the guidance of the special map that provides also information about these works.


Submit your Artwork and join our artists @ https://www.artpeoplegallery.com/register/ TO BE FEATURED.#artpeople

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