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3D Fractal Art by Mark J. Brady – ‘MarkJayBee’

3D Fractal Art by Mark J. Brady – ‘MarkJayBee’

Markjaybee Fractal

In the latter part of 2009, the so-called ‘Mandelbulb’ – the first true 3D fractal – was discovered by a dedicated group of mathematicians
and coders at FractalForums.com. Shortly after, other 3D fractal variants, such as the ‘Mandelbox’ or ‘AmazingBox’ were developed, and when generally usable 3D fractal rendering software became available, many more 3D versions of other fractal formulae soon followed.

MarkJayBee first became aware of these remarkable objects through FractalForums in the spring of 2010, when the medium was still in its
developmental infancy. He was immediately struck by the creative potential of the unexpected and mind-boggling spaces which could be
visualised and rendered within and without these labyrinthine, and essentially infinite objects.

There has since followed an on-going – almost obsessive – exploration of the ‘worlds’ and ‘environments’ to be discovered by navigating the highways and byways of the fractal realm.

We hope you will enjoy your tour of the images MarkJayBee has created, and will continue to create, in his own unique, distinctive and instantly recognisable style.

All of MarkJayBee’s works are available to purchase from the markjaybeefractal.com website in a wide variety of formats, not only as prints but also as attractive, eye-catching accessories for various mobile dev

Visit MarkJayBeeFractal.com to view larger versions of these pieces

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