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3D Printed 1960 Trucks













cabin-model full-lorry-model full-tanker-model tractor-truck-model


The very newest technology can often also be the key to preserving much of our older history and technology–in many ways–from archiving and curating in museums to rebuilding and re-creating with prototypes. And for the hobbyists, model makers, and toy makers around the world, 3D printing can be like a dream come true, allowing them to replicate detailed pieces however they see fit, with much greater latitude due to the nearly infinite number of new options available for customizing, innovating, and experimenting with materials.

While 3D printing technology is in the process of transforming contemporary manufacturing of many high-quality automobile components for companies like Ford and Lamborghini, that’s also simultaneously true for many on the individual and micro-level who simply love everything auto–from making parts of their own like 3D printed motors to using 3D printing kits for kids. And for the avid hobbyist who wants to finally complete work on that model they’ve been thinking about for quite some time, 3D printing can reignite and set their creative worlds on fire.

That’s exactly what happened for Arin Panait, who is just launching an Indiegogo campaign to raise $5,000 USD for the continuation of producing his 3D printed Bucegi trucks. The 52-year-old maker lives in a small town in Romania called Slobozia and has been a talented and dedicated tinkerer since he was a kid.

A fan of working with a range of materials, from wood to wire, Panait is experienced in making toys, complex railroad sets, and more–but his true passion for quite some time now has been that of the custom model car. Being introduced to 3D printing by a friend sent his hobby speeding into the future, as well as prompting him to want to take on the craft full-time–and start his own museum eventually. (via http://3dprint.com/)


Everything here is realised by 3D modelling the trucks and printing them in 3D .