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4 Hands + 2 Cultures = 1 Artist

Linda Storm and Pablo Perea

 Pablo and I paint together on the same canvases. He is Cuban, I am American.

We share a studio in Santa Fe, NM. Together we are four hands, two minds, one artist. We have created more than 200 works of art together, so far. Our art proves that people of different cultures, different generations, and different genders can communicate creatively and peacefully. “Linda and I are amazed by the ingeniousness of humans and threatened by the risks.” says Pablo. We are also astounded by the process of nature, how it revives after catastrophes.



Linda Storm and Pablo Perea paint together on the same canvases. They reside and create in Santa Fe, NM.

“Their works are clever derivatives of Salvador Dali, Marcel Duchamp, and Rene Magritte, a portal to their view of humanity and what it means to them as artists. It most certainly has opened a new window on the horizon indeed for this century in art.” – Artfuse.

Pablo is Cuban and Linda is American. Art is their common language. They are inspired by poetry and parables, myths and miracles. Pablo simplifies this with his statement; “We are two friends who are artists who paint together.”

Both independently acclaimed artists hosted their first all-collaborative exhibition in April 2014 and unveiled 60 paintings. They now share a large art studio in Santa Fe, NM where they paint together, daily. They describe their ability to be so creatively prolific together as magical, as if they are being guided. Indeed, their cultural collaboration nurtures empathy and respect for the colorful and varied landscape of life!