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40-foot-tall public sculpture created by Greek artist Costas Varotsos.

40-foot-tall public sculpture created by Greek artist Costas Varotsos

Dromeas, also called The Runner, is made of individual pieces of glass stacked atop each other to take the blurred shape of a runner in motion. 

 Originally the piece was installed in the Athens’s Omonia Square, but due to fear that it would topple from underground metro vibrations, in 1994 the city moved the piece to Megalis tou Genous Sholi square. 

Costas Varotsos was born on 25 January 1955 in Athens. … Within this framework, in 1988 he creates the famous “Dromeas,” aka The Runner, a 14-meters-tall, 17-tons-heavy sculpture of glass stacked on iron, commissioned by the City of Athens.You can see more of Varotsos’s public sculptures on his website.

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