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8.100 square meters of colour by the end of the 5th edition of SISAF in Romania

Sibiu International Street ART Festival(SISAF) end in July, leaving the city with 2.400 more square meters of colour that are included in the Street Art Tour of Sibiu.

The 16 new murals were made on the grey walls of general schools and high schools from Sibiu, on the Sibiu International Airport, “Ion Besoiu” Cultural Center, the Municipal Stadium, Park Hotel, Astra County Library and other public and private institutions.


Roxie Netea | SISAF 2019

Lost.Optics | SISAF 2019

Andree Toma | SISAF 2019

John.S | SISAF 2019

Kaps Crew | SISAF 2019

Kitră | SISAF 2019

Mehsos | SISAF 2019

Harcea Pacea | SISAF 2019 Pandele | SISAF 2019

Recis | SISAF 2019

Andrei Felea & Maria Borțoi | SISAF 2019

Takerone | SISAF 2019

Robert Obert | SISAF 2019


Bogdan Cazacincu | SISAF 2019

Mihail Alin | SISAF 2019

Roxie Netea | SISAF 2019

Sibiu International Street ART Festival is an event that is co-funded by Sibiu Local Council and Sibiu City Hall.

Photo credit: Funky Photography – Sergiu Pavălă.


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