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“Glass magical material” | Heraclio Vidal

My life after starting to work with glass has been a great adventure, I love working with glass since I discovered that it has something special, and I try to highlight it in my works. In fact, glass is the main material for my works and this time I share a series of sculptures made a few years ago. Glass, like no other material, allows me to create different three-dimensional optical illusions and combine them with different cold working techniques, such as engraving, carving, grinding, cutting and polishing on laminated glass, mixed with stone, metal, wood and others. elements
Glass represents for me more than a fragile, hard, amorphous and inorganic transparent material, in addition to being useful in everyday life,
For me it is a magical material where you have the possibility to capture light and transform it.
It radiates with its tones and shapes, adopting different angles of perspective, recreating the effect of three-dimensional visualization.
I believe that glass represents today a very important option and alternative for many contemporary artists as a means of expression, due to its different qualities and possibilities that it offers as an element for connecting ideas and thoughts, currently glass has become for many artists an alternative for contemporary artistic expression.


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