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Red kaleidoscope

An original photograph taken by Black Rose Photography mounted onto a recycled/re-purposed piece of timber. The original photo used to make this kaleidoscope was of leaves on a sunny day with a blue sky with a few white clouds in the background.
Made with love.
12 x 12cm

A Hardly Wasted Artwork is an original photograph taken by Black Rose Photography, mounted on a piece of re-purpose/recycled timber. They are one off pieces, each piece is unique as photo and the timber it is mounted on – no 2 Hardly Wasted Artworks will ever be the same!

While admiring the visual beauty of the Hardly Wasted Artwork, you can also be happy in knowing that the piece of timber it is mounted on was salvaged from general rubbish and will not end up as landfill or wasted as it was no longer seen as “useful”. The ultimate up cycle going from trash to beautiful art.

Most things that people mindlessly “throw away” still have many uses. We only have 1 planet – there is no “Away”

Hardly Wasted – Reuse – Recycle – Upcycle

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