A Day In Wonderland…

Once upon a time…

There was a girl named Athenaïs. She was getting bored with every day fashion so decided to venture out into the world seeking the answer to being chic…

Dressed in her ADRARA design, she found herself in a near by Forrest where she stumbled upon what appeared to be a tea party. With a sign that said ‘Eat me’, she could not resist taking a bite of the most delicious macaroon and cookies.
On the corner of the tiny table were a stack of books. Did they have the answer she was looking for?

She poured herself some tea and began to read. Chanel and Dior are the epitome of chic.  Sure they have all the guidance she needs. 

Finally, the answers she was looking for!  She realized that she had the answers all along.  She is chic!!! 


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Once Upon A Time…

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