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A Different Perspective | David Roers

A Different Perspective | David Roers.

I was born outside of Minneapolis in 1976. I have a twin sister and two older brothers. My father and my mother are still married and both are fine examples of human beings.

In late 2014 I married my longtime partner and gained a step daughter in the process.

…of course there is much more to tell. Isn’t there always?

I alter photographs to create surrealistic images that are interpretations of observations regarding; pop culture, modern technology, the environment, social, political or religious subjects. I also like to portray the “impossibilities” of everyday objects when reshaped by the imagination.

I’ve always thought that if you have a voice to the world, say something worthwhile. Make something thought-provoking, interesting and unique, while also capturing the eye.

http://www.mnartists.org/davidroers  |   https://www.instagram.com/davidroers


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