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A Sculptor from Armenia Turns Life Impressions into Sculptures – Gevorg Tadevosyan

A Sculptor from Armenia Turns Life Impressions into Sculptures – Gevorg Tadevosyan

It was summer of 2000 I saw a big log in the backyard and decided to curve a lion out of it. Before that I had already done some works but not in that size. And when I began I noticed that the log had cracks on both sides it had to be cut so that the middle part could be used. So we started cutting it with my backyard friends and that process turned into an event.

After that when I started working on that lion all people were coming and asking me what went on. When it was ready I brought it down to the backyard and I saw the excitement an attitude of those people that was so to say my first solo exhibition. That’s how I became an artist.

After graduation, I went to Moscow straight away. My daily impressions from the neighbourhood I was taking in were recreated in small size sculptures which I hang down from the ceiling. After that when I already came back, I cast them and one piece of this series of sculptures is cardiogram.

My sculpture “For meeting”  has another idea that I wanted to use as a message. To meet someone else, we need to say goodbye to another one. The stairs of that process are not ready for that situation. So we need to create new stairs for ourself go upstairs.

With my sculpture “Magnify”, I wanted to highlight the importance of communication. We see a lot of people but we get to know them only by communicating with them. Just like the same way, we learn more about the objects and have a closer look at them with the help of a magnifier.

My sculpture “Chess” can be described as chess or mess… It symbolises our life. It depicts a situation where no one is in his place. Where there is a silhouette of a given figure, that figure is in another place. This is a common situation, from choosing a profession which is not ours or our birthplace: we are born there, but we are in another place.

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