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A Wik World

A Wik World:

I was not old when I was standing at a crossroads.

I simply had no idea what I wanted to do. Most thought I would do as
previous generations and work with agriculture.
And I thought: Why not? I knew nothing else…

That was until I was shown something else.

I discovered these fantastic tools that could change and manipulate images
to your liking.

At first it was just play, but the more I utilized these tools,
the more realistic the outcome became.

Here I am, a few years later, still learning. Still having fun.

This album put in are some of the few that I’ve done recently.

There is more on my DeviantArt for those interested.

Enjoy. :)

-Anders Wik

within_reach_by_ametafor91Within Reach

beautiful_breath_by_ametafor91Beautiful Breath

gods_growthGods Growth

stuck_in_space_by_ametafor91-d9nigs5Stuck in Space

waving_venture_by_ametafor91Waving Venture 

rare_routeRare Route