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A wild flower in Love – series | Pooja Verma

Pooja Verma

Although the interest in landscape is existing in my work, Yet I haven’t found the really bold one particular form. And it won’t be fair to find the similarity as well.

I grew up with Indian summer and a strong colorful culture around me. Much later I have experienced tropical – Rural and Urban landscapes both. Now living in very wintery and cold yet it can be forgiving. In each case, which are different from each other and have given me absolute independent and non identical experiences .

In my landscapes – The experience brings me back to the occurrence where I grew up, Where I lived and the memories I had . Based on those , I portray the landscapes which has a strong symbolic character and I call them “Soul of the Landscapes “

And it will keep changing and I will keep archiving them. Here is one of my landscape with a wild rose from my memory

Pooja Verma is an India born full time artist, living and working in Utrecht City – Netherlands. She is an artist with a fair of bold, well constructed colour palette and elaborate compositions. She often conducts art workshops from her studio in Utrecht. You can see more on her website

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