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Abandoned Factory Transformed Into An Art Gallery by HAD artist collective

We are a young artist collective from Bosnia and Herzegovina called HAD (Hamo, Anel, Dama). A grain tank has been our first workplace for months. From the first moment we met, we wanted to show what you get when a painter, an architect and a street artist work together. On August 9, our first exhibition titled WALLS was open and it also reopened a forgotten factory in Visoko.

We have transformed 5.000 square meters of an abandoned factory into a gallery of street art. Seeing that we are such a diverse art collective, we have chosen a technique that works for all of us. We created artworks by deconstructing the structure of the walls. The final number of large scale artworks in the WALLS exhibition was 15.

Revolutionary and selfless artistic expression, though distant from vandalism, possesses a dose of rage in it, the need for stealth and desire for change. We draw inspiration from the forgotten things, from our own silence, surrealism, past and melancholy, turning it into representations of human figures and portraits. By deconstruction, we want to create a new life on each wall and walk away from it. Our vision is the only thing they bring home along with them.


Iustitia, 510x310x10 cm wallcut


Judgement, 280x160x10 cm wallcut


Psycho, 350x250x10 cm wallcut


Innocence, 280x110x10 cm wallcut


Serenity, 330x250x10 cm wallcut

Simple Mind

Simple Mind, 270x180x10cm wallcut


Oblivion, 200x200x10 cm wallcut


Smile, 200x200x10cm wallcut

The Artist

The Artist, 260x130x10 cm wallcut

The Awaiter

The Awaiter, 310x210x10 cm wallcut

The Black Tear

The Black Tear, 400x220x10 cm wallcut

The Lens

The Lens, 700x300x10 cm wallcut

The Passenger

The Passanger, 400x200x10 cm wallcut

Born To Die

Born to Die, 480x240x10 cm wallcut