Abstract African landscapes


Art by Kinga Ogieglo

By being disconnected from my feelings for a long time, I learned that acknowledging and cherishing my feelings, releases pain and makes you feel more joyful. Now I am helping other people to respect their emotions and connect to their feelings through art.

Opportunity to – clear emotional blocks
– enhance personal growth
– treasure your travels and good memories with a painting

‘Rich in light and depth, Kinga Ogieglo’s art reflects landscapes that people imagine and remember from their life and travels. Attention and extreme delicacy marked by remarkable colors go straight to the viewer’s heart.

An artist’s hand is very spontaneous and imaginative being a beautiful expression of creative freedom. Abstract landscapes with an irresistible movement of colors have the emotion in them. Each painting is a very pleasant trip – a spectacular views of Florence, Amalfi coast or French riviera’

Beautiful chiaroscuro contrasts where light and terrain give water gleaming reflections – the effect of each abstract is harmonious, blurred and bright shapes also give a relief and a mysterious depth to the work. Choice of colors is always well-thought showing the sensitivity of artist’s palette.

Feel invited to discover the gallery of colors and vivid shapes – which help Kinga’s clients and collectors to respect their emotions and connect to their feelings through a painting.’


From a series of African landscapes



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