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Abstract and Figurative Ceramics by Artist Carlos Cabo

Abstract and Figurative Ceramics by Artist Carlos Cabo.

The Spanish artist Carlos Cabo  who lives and works in Salinas,

In a letter to Colossal, Cabo shares that his desire to vary the tactile parts of his practice stems from childhood. He explains:

I grew up in a rural environment, where we children spent a lot of time outdoors, in permanent contact with endless objects that served to gain many tactile experiences in my memory. On the other hand, in my town there was no electricity during the day. This came to the houses when it got dark and sometimes well into the night, forcing us to wander around it with our sense and feeling… I got to know all the imperfections of the walls, the geometry of the doors, and the location of things.

You can see more on his site and Instagram. ( Via thisiscolossal )

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