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Abstract Animals by Peter Häusser

Abstract Animals by Peter Häusser

“The Blue Panda” 

Peter Häusser The Blue Panda

“I love painting abstract, and I love nature – Feel the harmony of colors and lines in these abstract animal paintings! Penguin, Panda, Hippo, Birds and many more… I love art!”

Peter Häusser (born 1990) is a German painter, living in Berlin. Characteristic to his style is the simplicity of forms and colors creating an inner harmony and tranquility in a most abstract way – and thereby escaping the stress of everyday life.

The Penguin

Peter Häusser Penguin



Peter Haeusser Snail



Peter Haeusser Vogel Bird



Peter Häusser Owl Eule




Peter Haeusser Squirrel




Peter Häusser Bird Abstract




Peter Häusser Hippo


The Rockhopper Penguin


Peter Häusser Rockhopper Penguin



“Buffalo on the green grass”


Peter Häusser Buffalo



“Unknown bird looking at a flower”


Unknown bird looking at a flower Peter Haeusser



“Oh my Deer”


Peter Häusser Deer Hirsch


“My dream is that art is easy, open and positive,

that there is nothing to see and nothing to understand,

but pure feeling or not feeling. 

Art as a feeling of life, connects us all !”

Peter Häusser


Check out more on the Artist´s  website or on facebook ;)