Abstract Art by Yannick Bourgeois

Abstract Oil Painting allows French artist Yannick Bourgeois

to express feelings and emotions, and give free rein to her imagination. Each work is a combination of colors and shapes in search of harmony. Yannick Bourgeois born in Paris(France),Yannick Bourgeois is a Paris-Dauphine University graduate and currently lives in Rome (Italy).

Her father introduced her to oil painting in 2000. Each work is a combination of colors and shapes in search of harmony. When she starts a new composition, she first selects colors according to her desire on the spur of the moment. She then imagines shapes according to her emotions and innermost feelings as a necessity to develop a more formal arrangement. She finally endeavours to recreate on the canvas what she has in mind. A necessity to express herself through art and an endless quest for perfection keep her painting for hours on end.Via artist submission

 more : http://www.artquid.com/yannickbourgeoiOil on canvas, 70x100 cmHéméra 2015

Aédé 2015Terpsichore 2015Himalia 2015Haedi 2015Elara 2015Balya 2015Erato 2013Celaeno 2015Galatée 2015



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