Abstract Art by Yannick Bourgeois

Born in Paris (France), Yannick Bourgeois is a Paris-Dauphine University graduate and currently lives in Rome (Italy).

Painting allows her to express feelings, emotions and give free rein to her imagination. Her father introduced her to oil painting in 2000. Each work is a combination of colors and shapes in search of harmony. When she starts a new composition, she first selects colors according to her desire on the spur of the moment. She then imagines shapes according to her emotions and innermost feelings as a necessity to develop a more formal arrangement. She finally endeavours to recreate on the canvas what she has in mind. A necessity to express herself through art and an endless quest for perfection keep her painting for hours on end.

Oil on canvas, 70x100 cm

Héméra 2015

Aédé 2015

Terpsichore 2015

Himalia 2015

Haedi 2015

Elara 2015

Balya 2015

Erato 2013

Celaeno 2015

Galatée 2015

Calycé 2015