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Abstract Based

Being human is difficult when you want to go deep into people and to understand them behind their face specially where I have lived, therefore I PAINT  to be understood and to understand.

I am painting because I want to paint to observe and to express my feelings and understanding from the world around me including a place I have been living to, to paint my inner that has been never felt by my words . Would like to express spontaneous feeling I have in a moment when I look at people passing by . That’s the way I release my thought on canvas and I do not think how much professional the technique must be ,but the feeling people receive from my paintings.
Eyes must be washed
In another way we should see

Mahshid Hadi from weary Iran
"Wonder""Gravity""Far away dream""Endless"The Veil
” wonder”30*50
“Far away dream” 50*70
“Endless” 30*50
“Veil” 55*75