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Abstract digital art by Gekibana

Abstract Digital Art Studio “Gekibana” is represent the solutions of abstract digital design and video animation.
All digital content is based on author’s program development with using Artificial Intelligence elements.

Why do we need harmony?
Somehow it happened that the interpretation of Chemistry in human cognitive processes in a way simple and even primitive. Gourmandise of our higher nervous activity, “feasts of the mind” and natural tranquilizers of thoughts are as essential mechanisms of development, as well as the “absorption” of formulas and equations.
What is the basis?
A set of algorithms that interact at moment of creation every art work on the basic principles of the dialectic: the development, the relationship (cooperation and competition), the ascension from the abstract to the concrete. As well as the unity of dialectics, logic and knowledge.
Where is the meaning?
Can we define the meaning themselves? Sometimes, the idea, which we have identified as primary, is not so, and even replaced to the opposite. What does author is meant by THIS? Ask the author… Also try to answer by yourself and think about how you are thinking. After some time you make sure that associative flow is so complex and confusing that you can catch only a few threads of a large coil, which has not only space-component, but also a time-component.
Is it possible to expand the scope of art by mathematics?
Without a doubt – YES. There are a lot of examples. All the beautiful achievements of modern and ancient civilizations are proof it: Wonders of the world, Ancient Greece and Rome, the Renaissance, etc. It should be noted that one cannot assert for sure: what has been expanded? Or what it was before – the chicken or the egg (Of course, in the philosophical sense, practically the genetic science answered for this question).
This project is effort to catch harmony by the tail.



















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