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Abstract Luminary | Éloi Ficat

Abstract Luminary | Éloi Ficat.

Éloi Ficat was born in 1994 in Bordeaux. He has been director of photography in audiovisual projects since 2012. Till then, he has worked for music videos, feature movies and documentaries.

His first album of abstract pictures, Luminary, emerged from experiencing effects. It was then selected for the Vincennes Images Festival. Later came Outrenoir, whose name shows some admiration for the painter Soulages.

Éloi’s choice of abstract has come from no attraction for common visible things and a taste for light in itself. His pictures have been loved for their sensible architectures. He has always thought mostly visually but he is also inspired by music, notably trip hop. He regularly exhibits his works in events.



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Abstract Luminary | Éloi Ficat