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Abstract Melbourne

I am particularly fascinated by perfect formes in architecture. Curves, lines, volumes, they all help create the aesthetics of a building.

I love playing with them and I enjoy creating pictures that are like mind tricks and that play with your eyes. Every building has its own style and represents the soul and imagination of the respective architect and my aim is to capture it through my photos.
I like to work in black and white because I love how I can use light, tones and shapes to mould an image, a bit like a clay sculpting. I am lucky to consider Melbourne my photographic playground with its modern, inspiring and bold architecture. This is a homage to Melbourne’s architecture.

Abstract TowerTetrisArcology 2Arcology 1OlympusMihai-Florea_Abstract tower
DSC_2905_edited_1 Lines and shapes The Wheel MihaiFlorea_4 Standing Tall Waves The Realm 2