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Abstract Painting by Tamara Dikhtyar

Tamara Dikhtyar, the beginning artist, possesses the ability to represent abstract concepts
with the help of associative images.

This is one of the most interesting art forms
setting a high level, which is possible in case the artist not only endured these emotions
himself, but also feels the thin border of “ Miteinandersein “ allowing to transfer precisely
all complexity, timelessness and an emotional saturation of concept to the audience.
“… I’ve been always addicted to decorative painting. I do social things and I consider
that art has to be beautiful and esthetically attractive. That’s why I use ornaments
to implement the idea. Many works at first found a type of preparations. Further
modifed sketches turned into the finished artworks. Ink and oil are my favourite
and the presented works are solved in these two techniques”.

Mir Sublimatsy“The world of Sublimations”, щil, ink, on a canvas, 50×60 cm

The idea is to reflect the world of sublimations. This world is hypertrophied: it over artificial and too bright. It contains a set of details without a certain sense. The details are in the continuous movement and repetition, reflecting dynamics of madness.

Acquatica«Aquatica», 70х90 cm, a canvas on a stretcher, oil, ink.

Painting where all author’s love  to blue color is expressed. The inspiration received from elements of water capability to go through the smallest cracks, to take any form and to be a life source. It is reflected in smooth forms and a variety of blue shades. The persistent current and vials of air aspiring up are  the reference point in a water chasm.

Igra_formy_webGame of shapes, 70х70 cm, oil, ink, canvas

 A  space of the female shapes. An image of the woman presence in the house filling it with vases, vessels, bowls… all  that creates a cosiness and finishes the  properly. In each house where there is a woman, there will be also a vase. The form, color, volume of the vases is not incidental  and will surely take the place, expecting someone who will come and fill them with the flowers.

Бумажные мсам 1«Paper planes», 80х100 cm, oil, ink, canvas

This painting is the next to  the work «Dreams» where paper planes act as a symbol of dreams, desires and hope. Now the planes set free and they are departing. And  it’s not important where they will go – on the left, to the right or up. It is freedom. Freedom of realization, transformation and achievement. Lungs, with a raid of children’s maximalism, simplicity  of the form, they can achieve any objectives.

GarmoniyaHarmony”, oil, ink, canvas, 40×60 cm

The painting is  sated with green tones transferring tranquillity and l’art de vivre. Due to the ornament of easy soft forms and small strokes, the picture represents dynamics of harmony.

Dikie_yagodyWild berries”, oil, ink, canvas, 40×50 cm

There are two berries or two hearts, a little overripe, wild, with a core inside, possibly, poisonous. They ripened so that now there will be an explosion.

  Holodnye_Zvety«Cold flowers», 80х80 cm, oil, ink, canvas

Art Deco still life where one form crosses another: flowers, vase, background.  Bends and lines form a complicated composition, creating rhythm. The beautiful, creative picture penetrated by tranquillity and a pacification.

Tainstvenny_Rubin (2 of 1)“A mysterious Ruby”,  90х70 cm, oil on canvas, ink, markers

Painting in burgundy-purple colours. Blackberry eroticism, amethyst and lilac tenderness, Ruby saturation. Shades  transmitting range of relations in a couple. Mystery and theatricality and elements reflects the drama and depth of feelings.