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Abstract photographic images created while scuba diving.

“These images are part of an ongoing project of abstract photographic images created while scuba diving.

The marine environment is a fascinating world. Free from the constraints of gravity, animals and plants can take forms that are truly extra-terrestrial.” Working with waterproof camera equipment,these photographs are made of living marine life in their natural environment. Each image is carefully composed to reveal the essential form & color of the creature via abstraction. The artist has been photographing underwater since 1997. He has shown in numerous galleries and juried exhibitions, most notably The Honolulu Academy of Arts, and the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. http://www.donbrownphoto.com


Snapper EyeParrotfish Eye 1UrticinaFungia 2GalaxineMagnificaBulb Tentacles 1Oulophyllila 1