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Abstract sculpture

Always say to us that the world is built under the laws. These laws are absolute, they need to be known and by no means they can’t be neglected.

A square – a figure steady, a circle – mobile, a triangle – sharp. Physicists speak about an attraction of subjects, about gravitation and gravity. Boringly – but imagine this world without these restrictions. The world in which everything is possible. It will be paradise for creativity and imaginations.

Here and the artist Dmitry Zapylikhin decided that the physics of this world is imperfect. Its objects are deprived of correctness and legality. A series of anti-bicycles allows us to think of the space future and travel to the far Universes with other more perfect laws of physics.

The creative method of Dmitry – anti-design constructivism will transform familiar to us since the bicycle form childhood to an irrational set of the parts connected together without looking at any restrictions. Bicycle wheels – are form-building elements for his “body”. Wheels show gradual geometrical evolution – from a circle to a square, further to a triangle, from a sphere to a square and even to strange “prickly” forms.

We will be will gorge on that this romantic invention on a world order isn’t vain and sometime in the future, after opening of the new Universes, we will be able to get rid of imperfection of physics in this world and we nevertheless will manage to sweep by these wrong bicycles.

Welding, metal, powder painting. The sizes from 1,5 meters to 3 m.

12355314_1089411427736127_1250461181_n (1) 12355098_1089411407736129_334387401_n 12351218_1089411417736128_15528551_n 12348273_1089411411069462_1794904632_n 12346702_1089411424402794_2051788607_n 12335959_1089411414402795_454901854_n 12319670_1089411431069460_2044036302_n Бойко.