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Abstract worlds made of recycled cosmetics caps

my works are ispired by  journeys in the future, represent shining suns, distant galaxies, abstract landscapes  and alien animals.

Most of them are made using recycled cosmetics, like lipsticks, mascara, cream dispenser and perfumes. i’m from italy and GDF are the initials of my name

you can find more of my artworks on my website http://gdfart.altervista.org

black_old_sun_gdf_art_2,Abstract ,worlds ,#artpeople,online ,art, gallery,

alien_fossil_gdf_art,Abstract ,worlds ,#artpeople,online ,art, gallery

Sistopus_gdfart,Abstract ,worlds ,#artpeople,online ,art, gallery

allascopertadelnulla_gdfart_1,Abstract ,worlds ,#artpeople,online ,art, gallery

lipstick_woman_GDFart,Abstract ,worlds ,#artpeople,online ,art, gallery

new_stonehenge_gdfart_14,Abstract ,worlds ,#artpeople,online ,art, gallery

manarola_wave_gdf_art_sculpture,Abstract ,worlds ,#artpeople,online ,art, gallery

sometime i don’t know why i am here on this planet and what is my purpose in life, now i don’t know, maybe in the future i’ll understand something more … for the moment i’m waiting something happening. enjoy my works and goodbye.

GDF sono le iniziali del mio nome, sono nato a Seregno in provincia di Milano e sono un geometra, appassionato di fotografia e artista autodidatta.
Le mie opere sono originali e uniche sculture da parete spaziali, nascono dal riciclo di oggetti altrimenti destinati al macero, come tappi di cosmetici riciclati, e rappresentano paesaggi astratti, pianeti, mondi lontani, oppure quello che vuoi.

The project GDFart born with the purpose of reusing waste material for the production of artistic works.
GDF are the initials of my name, I was born in Seregno in the province of Milan (italy) and I am a surveyor, photography enthusiast and self-taught artist 
My works, original and unique wall sculptures, are made from recycled materials such as caps of cosmetics and have geometric and abstract references, represent alien landscapes, planets, distant worlds. or whatever you want