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Abstracts – Series loosely |Northbound

Series – Abstracts (Northbound): 2015 Found and Digitized Mixed Media.

A return more abstract work and less representational imagery. I worked in such a manner as to capture as close to a stream-of-consciousness approach as possible with my digital technique. This way I work a piece thoroughly through from start to finish in one sitting with doing to much conscious editing but rather allowing a free-flow pace.

This is done using Mindfulness Meditation and also by achieving a mindless state. It’s something I have had to practice over time to get to a point where it can be actually done without a lot of conscious though put towards it. It’s done more on instinct or intuition and previous experience of what’s going to work and what isn’t.

The few representational elements that are present are pulled out of this mindless state without any decision making but also with intuition. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.