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Original Collection #11 Mixed Media on Canvases, 18'' x 22'' by Meamar

The Original Collection By : Meamar

 Meamar Original Collection is created and invented  as being new, and thus is to be distinguished from reproductions or...

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Depicts the starting and ending of stellar evolution.  Mysterious, chaotic, mesmerizing.
PRINT on canvass 30x30 10 limited edition

Conceptual SEE THROUGH

It is a celebration of beauty in the form of experiments with digital image layering techniques and elements with...

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I don’t Hate Morn­ings, Hels­ing­borg Swe­den 2014

WD aka street artist

WD aka Wild Drawing was born in Bali, Indonesia and has degrees in Fine Arts and in Applied Arts....

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Graphic designer Marcel Lisboa, living and working in São Paulo, uses digital means to create his utterly unique illustrations;...

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IN.carnate : what are you really looking at ?

IN.carnate is a landscape/portraiture series questioning about people’s capability to look at their deepest nature in a contemporary context....

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Art-work based on Indian Spirituality

Biography Aparajita Barai is a graphic designer and an artist. She has graduated from National Institute of Design (NID),...

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Laura Redouté, between Abstraction and Expressionism, another part of ourselves

Painting for about 5 years, Laura Redouté never stops to try to show different shades of Humanity and its...

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IMG_7039 copy


  Website: Facebook:   Behind the Scenes:

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Ballpoint pen drawings by Cleofe Pacaña

These are my ballpoint pen drawings. I used mostly BIC cristal and PENTEL blue ballpoint pen and for the...

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butterfly walk- butterfly By Yasir Mehmood

butterfly walk By Yasir Mehmood

                Web site: Facebook: Facebook page:

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The touch...

The Soul of Glass; Cast Glass Sculptures by Aysen Savci

  Aysen Savci Glass is not a material that comes to mind when one talks about art in Turkey....

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Death and Rebirth

Klarem ART

    Chiara Aime, aka KlarEm, was born in Cuneo (Italy) in 1991, where she currently resides. Her painting...

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Event Horizon – Paintings by Anna Caruso

My work revolves around the dialogue between memories, both past and present, and individual space. I’ve been drawing unlikely...

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In this great universe or in human daily life, creativity is always being valued as an essential quality. Especially, creative artworks may contain eternal values which are the crystallization of life philosophies, cultures or human emotions. Being a graphic designer and a painting artist, I always desire to discover new and interesting for my work as well as for the future. The paintings below are made of colored powder and acrylic powder. It would not be a story to tell if I drew them in the conventional way. In particular, these paintings were drawn on the coated papers of old magazines being put together. Perhaps, you may feel it is interesting because I drew my artworks only using a straw and a hairdryer. Diluted color/acrylic powder is splashed on papers; after that it is directed and blown by straw and hair dryer. This new way of controlling the direction of color powder by this method is quite exciting and unique in my personal opinion.

Great universe or in human daily life

In this great universe or in human daily life, creativity is always being valued as an essential quality. Especially, creative artworks may...

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Bone, Study of Haeckel's Vampyrus

Ornate Bone Sculptures

Bone – is a collection of fossilized structures that explores the gentle temperance located within the constitution of sound,...

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Mixed-media paintings on Aluminum Plate

Robert Hromec Over the course of his two-decade career, the Slovak-born artist Robert Hromec (born 1970) has been experimenting...

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Murals & Paintings by Guido Zimmermann (GZ)

Correlation Series by Guido Zimmermann With his series “Fighters”, Guido Zimmermann hails a new chapter of his painting that...

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Anita Bjørbekk Creative Arts

– Artistic biography                                                                                   date 11.06.2015 My name is Anita Bjørbekk and my vision is that we shall find the...

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Acciental Art II – YARN Series

This is an extension of my REUSE series, where I used household wastes, such as coffee grounds, eggshells, pistachio...

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Oliver BuBu Schibli, Mooson, 170cm x 150cm, acrylic on canvas, 2015, ,

Oliver BuBu Schibli

I am a self-taught artist who began to paint in 2012. With a growing devotion to art, I made...

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Lost Battle aesthetica

Paintings Of Life Experiences, Memories And Music

My work aims to have a sense of mystery and ambiguity. Atmosphere and emotion play a major part too,...

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"Water has no shape, its nature is to flow. If you put it into a vase it will take the shape of the vase. In this cup, it has assumed the shape of the cup. If poured into my cupped hands it will take the shape of the hands. But water has no shape. It is the same with the consciousness, which is subtler than water. It similarly has no form, but it assumes the form of whatever concept it is poured into or identifies with, but it will never be the form. It remains ever its formless nature" . ~ Mooji~


My name is Stella Lydaki I’am a culinary art student, self-taught photographer, dreamer and storyteller. Born in 1996 in...

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Milos island Greece

Art Milos.

Born and raised in Athens Greece, Jimakos spent many years in the island of Milos. Photography became his passion...

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“In my concious search for expression, I came to the conclusion that the picture lacks a clear environment, and...

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Del Piero

Batik Illustrations by Zen Baragbah

My name is Zen Baragbah, an Australian based artist and designer. I love traditional arts, I love swirls and...

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Lost in the sea of love


A passion for art has me constantly looking for new forms of expression.I'm the founder and artistic director of...

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"Princesa" Dog portrait

Ricardo Macía Illustration

Ricardo Macía Lalinde, from Medellin, Colombia. He is a person of great passion and very dedicated and it can...

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The Archibald Prize 2013
AGNSW 23rd March - 2nd June 2013
Guy Morgan
Guy Morgan with Peter Pan after retinal detachment
Oil on canvas  184.5 x 184.5cm

Portraits – some works from the after retinal detachment series 2013-15

I suffered a retinal detachment in late 2011 that has left me with permanently distorted vision. I started portraiture...

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giovanni alfano

Giovanni Alfano – stillness and silence

Giovanni Alfano Explaining Giovanni Alfano work, has written” Giovanni Alfano subjects are blocked and helpless, with their hands covering...

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Erster.Heute // victor 2015

WELCOME to NEOPHYTA – dystopian drawings by Mandy Puschmann

My name is Mandy and I‘m a german based artist, fashion illustrator and fashion designer. In 2007 i decided...

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#cytone #surrealism #digitalart #landscape #visualeffects #graphicdesign #industrialdesign #photoshop #3D #luxionkeyshot #terragen #rhinoceros #torino

/ˈʌnˈnəʊn//ˈflaɪɪŋ//ˈɒbdʒɪkt/ – Unknown Flying Object

Cy Tone – /ˈʌnˈnəʊn//ˈflaɪɪŋ//ˈɒbdʒɪkt/ – Unknown Flying Object Inhale – Exhale – Inspire – Create “All Content is Copyright-free,...

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NDR Photographer

Nicola is a Mother in more ways than one. A Photographer who shoots Black & White . An addict...

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Ivan Madzharov

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

I believe that one of the highest expressions of the human spirituality and intellect, is the act of creation!...

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The Reproduction of knowledge -Book Art Project - By Chadi Adib Salama - 2011 -2012

The Reproduction of knowledge – Book Art Project – By Chadi Adib Salama – 2011 – 2012

The Reproduction of knowledge Book Art Project By Chadi Adib Salama 400 X 400 X 200 cm Paper and...

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Restless Imagination

I was born in Russia.When I was 16 years old my parents sent me to study in England.One year...

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