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Acrylic on Resin by Chai Soong Ng

Acrylic on Resin by Chai Soong Ng

Chai Soong Ng  produces three-dimensional works of art with acrylics and epoxy resin that lie somewhere between painting and sculpture.Using a technique originated by Riusuke Fukahori (see this video),Chai manages to produce the illusion of different animals swimming in water. The time-consuming process involves pouring resin into a bowl and then painting on top of it with acrylics, layer by layer.


Acrylic on Resin

Little Lotus and dovetail small goldfish (Acrylic on Resin)

Fighting betta in the  bowl (Acrylic on Resin)

Tang Ciwan and six shrimp (Acrylic on Resin)

Coins grass long tail goldfish (Acrylic on Resin)

Leaves with three small goldfish (Acrylic on Resin)


Tang Ciwan small frog (Acrylic on Resin)

Leaves and six small goldfish (Acrylic on Resin)

Octagonal bowl with shrimp (Acrylic on Resin)

Cans and goldfish (Acrylic on Resin)

Tang Ciwan goldfish (Acrylic on Resin)