Acrylic Paint by Cynthia Saenz

Unsung hero of great battles, flagship real stories or pure imagination; main axis of conquests and defeats. Penetrating subject of our past, present and future.

Essential component of the fight, combining passion and death in a single verb. The beating of your heart, the snort of your breath, the rhythm of your steps by approaching death and mocking in a change air of hand … intoxicate me in your world,  flood over my thoughts, blow my dreams, transform my nightmares into victories .

So I perceive and feel you… my arrogant horse.

Hipnotico 50x60cmArrebato 80x60cm-Cynthia Saenz (1) Dulce Embeleso 92x122cm (3) PASION 122x92cm Marengo Carmesi 91x112cm Trio 100x76cm Voragine 61x91cm Cardeno 122x91cm Kaffa 60x80cm

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