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Acrylic painting by Lucia Valencia

Mexican artist. Art lover. Passionate about light. I love the contrast between black & white.








“Lucía Valencia’s art makes me imagine the character and personality of the owner of each garment; the fabric and even the color; the jacket belongs to a ranger that is looking for his wallet, the color is dark green and the wallet dark brown, the weather is cool; one shirt is white silk and the owner is Marcello Mastroiani in La Fontana de Trevi; the other is cotton pale blue and belongs to a business man.

“The way she paints stimulates my mind. I close my eyes and each garment is exactly behind a black Mark Rothko canvas. What I enjoy also is how Lucia’s art, transcends imagination. I am waiting to see the raincoat of Camus, the robe of Caesar, and the silk tunic of Buddha, and celebrate how emotions unite in her art.”

– Jal Magrive

Via http://exhibitnumber9.com/lucia-valencia/