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Adaptation | Christina Banerjee

Adaptation | Christina Banerjee.

my name is Christina Banerjee. I am from the Alabama,USA and living abroad in  New Delhi, India. I am a painter and mixed media artist.

Concept on my current works:

After moving to India, I have been inspired by my radically different surroundings. I wake up every day to the sound of noisy crows and pigeons. I have never been this close to elephants, birds and monkeys! All of this, without ever having been to the zoo!  The lives of these animals and ours are affected by the changing surroundings.  These paintings come from the amalgamation of my thoughts and experiences from my life in the US and India and the little of the world that I have seen, so far.


Some of my most vivid memories are growing up with very creative parents. I have been surrounded by art my whole life. My mother is a professional artist and my father works with wood and sculpts.  From a very young age my siblings and I were always encouraged to be creative. Art has come naturally to me, and has developed into my profession. I remember sitting on the floor always drawing while my mother sewed costumes and when my dad first taught me how to use power tools for sculpture. In 2013, I accepted a job to teach art in India.

During my first trip to India in the winter of 2010, I fell in love with a country that was so inspirational. Since my first trip I traveled to India three other times visiting various cities. I find inspiration wherever I go and India is exceptionally beautiful. I am drawn in by the culture, the vivid colors and vibrant life that is, quintessentially, India.

I now live and work in New Delhi, India.

I am always eager to learn and create. To me it is important to create something every day no matter what your mood. I create artwork that is inspired by the environment and my surroundings. I want my artwork to be able to speak to a wide audience. My ‘Adaptation’ series depicts animals through my travels and where I live. I want people to take away from my art a sense of humanity. To appreciate the beauty of these creatures and perhaps instill a thought for what we may be doing to them. The most gratifying thing for me as an artist is to be able to convey my thoughts to the viewer while allowing for their own interpretation. In this way, every viewer is, in a sense, looking at every painting a little differently.

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