My Africa- Animated musical clip for Gilad Kahana

“My Africa”

The Theme song from The new double album of Gilad Kahana, deals with a few deep social questions.

One of these questions is -can a certain culture be perceived as better than the other one?

Africa in this context is actually an allegory to Tel-Aviv.
After  a long time of walking in the city’s streets, My experience made me think of a primordial place.

My Africa | Gilad Kahana

So many knew
What they did not want
They gave their all
Those who shouted
Those that kicked
Those who just stood
And watched

Wondering about politics
Instead of romance
My Africa

It is black and white
And no, it will not do
Having to admit that
We didn’t pick a side
Being all alone
Is terrifying

I don’t have any time
To calculate my understandable demise
I feel like
Feeling “you are here”

Wondering about politics
Instead of romance
My Africa

I don’t ponder anymore
About the boy who cried “wolf”
Just taking a stand
One hand extended
The other a fist
Forgetting the fear

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