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Against the Tide, Painting Sculpture

Against the Tide, Painting Sculpture

They start being developed in first 2000s, these high relief paintings are born from my need to escape from conventional flat plane to create a volume that can be perceived sideways.

These art pieces have a completely different aspect according to the angle at which you look at it or how the light is projected onto them.

My experimentation starts by giving a rock like texture to my characters to then evolve through the years into nowadays work.

Original and unique pieces that create a mixture between sculpture and painting on canvas.

Also you have many hidden situations and amazing stories in each painting.

“Against the Tide” is my new artwork that represents our need of freedom, our need of being different and uniques. Our need to find ourselves and find our own way and to know who we are.

As  you can see, the tide is going the right and fish to the left. Fish not only found their own way, within the established, even formed one, outside the picture. They have magnets and fish can change positions.

You can decide where do you want to go… and who do you want to be… Fish or the Tide.

Be and trust yourself…





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