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Akihito Takuma Art

Akihito Takuma.

Following a year in Europe studying painting, I noticed how hard it was for paint to dry in Japan because of the high humidity. This made me more conscious of the environmental differences between the two places, and inspired me to make this work. Before the paint had dried, from top to bottom. Then I chose a landscape with a perspective that made the horizon seem as if it continued forever. It is my hope that in this work, order will be maintained but at the same time superseded, and the instant that a dynamic, positive and free form of energy is released might be expressed. (Jan. 2005, The 10th Anniversary of Post-Earthquake Restoration “Hyogo International Competition of Painting”)

Akihito Takuma Art

Akihito Takuma Art

Lines of Flight,op.359-SOLD

Lines of Flight op.425-2

Lines of Flight op.474

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