Alan Brignone in the field of contemporary art


Ojo de Zeus






obra 18 - apaga  -1,30 x 0,95 m




9ff88877edab1d13ef2a797a14877c01Alan Brignone


Alan Gabriel Brignone was born on September 7th 1988. Years later, he would become an enterprising, enthusiast and pioneer young man in the field of contemporary art.

This artist, from the city of Santa Fe, graduated in the year 2012 from the “Escuela Provincial de Artes Visuales Prof. Juan Mantovani”. From this institution, he obtained his degree as Higher Technician in Visual Arts.

Through his works of art, he projects a brilliant future, as it can be seen in each of his lines in every surface that he works on.
In the absence of light, the reality in which we believe we live vanishes and these works show a different path. From the invisible, hazardous lines appear and they persuade our sight to go over and discover them.

During 2013, in this search and automatic madness, Alan organized numerous exhibitions in his home town in which his works shone for the public.

Among the most remarkable ones are “Alan Brignone, Freedom and Fate”, the first individual exhibition which took place at CEC (“Centro Experimental del Color”), and “Spontaneous”, which took place at Sala Candace. A third collective exhibition, named “The Young Guard – Episode II”, was organized in the framework of the “Museums’ Night” national programme.



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