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Alexia Bahar Karabenli Yilmaz-Mona Titti Art

Alexia Bahar Karabenli is a contemprorary surrealist figurative artist who’s born in Canada(12 April 1987).She has been drawing and painting since she was three.

She also interested in music,photography,ceramic,jewellery designing and writing but her passion is drawing and painting.

Alexia studied fine arts in Canada.She was an brilliant student and top of her class.

Participated in couple of exhibitions during her education.

In 2008 she had an exhibition (eyes never lise) with her mother Yasemin Karabenli and in 2009 opened her own gallery in Marmaris(Mona Titti Art) and created their brand ‘Mona Titti Art’.She’s still working in her gallery.

12 April 2014,attended a mixed exhibition ’62.Street Mixed Exhibition’ with her husband (artist as well).

21 October 2014,attended a mixed exhibition ‘Ekim Coskusu (October Fest)’ with her husband.

14 April 2015 opened a personel exhibition with her husband ‘Sailor Bulldog’s Crew&Creatures Maris.