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Alfred Freddy Krupa (Kruppa)

Alfred Freddy Krupa mag.art (Baron de Krūppa, GCCR) (14 June 1971) is a Croatian contemporary painter, master draughtsman, book artist and certified art professor.

Alfred Freddy Krupa comes from a multiethnic Silesian family(German, Ashkenazi, Polish) of long tradition in visual arts. His family appears in archives of the International Tracing Service as the registered victims of Nazi persecution.Internationally Krupa is known as a painter of portraits, so among other things, he portrayed Croatian President Franjo Tudjman (1996) and Rwandan King Kigeli V. (2013).Significant / exquisite are his ink paintings, on rice paper using the technique Hakubyou. Krupa concentrates on essential and represents a simplified stylistic motifs. His work in ink is considered to be of vital importance for the global integrity of the Modern ink painting with the same weight in disciplines of watercolor and portrait.



Noon at Adriatic Sea

Mystical River

Two Churches