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All Glassy Eyed

Glass as I see it! Through my glass series I have tried to show that glasses are just not for having a drink in them..

There is more to it.. from their shape..reflections..to the different situations they are termed with..their forms..they tell a story. Here I have tried to capture glasses in different situations, forms and tried to show a different side of them.

So, the story of glasses just doesn’t end by drinking in them or breaking them!!

My obsession has always been bottles and glasses and I see a lot inside a broken or an empty bottle and like to create abstract images out of my obsession. Looking around… people, places, things.. and trying to find the most unusual perspective to the most usual thing. Gets me going!

In the end, all I would like to say is.. life is photography… music… and travelling…. 


 All Glassy Eyed & More Series!

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