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Amazing Artworks by Nadine Brune R

Amazing Artworks by Nadine Brune R.

Artistic approach, I express, in an intuitive and spontaneous way, a talent that i did not know i had, which was revealed to me in February 2015 following intense emotional shocks, experienced in a short period of time. My art is a journey of life, a search for meaning, a deep quest for truth. Thanks to this expression, I am gradually reconnecting to the sacred dimension of my being. My work ,as a visual artist (pictorial and textile art), is a means to let the energy that passes through me to flow freely. It feels like an immersion in me, to sound my unconscious, my heart, my soul and my body. The reason for my work and my artistic approach has been revealed over time in an intuitive communication between my creations and myself. I realized that by unraveling the pattern of the materials to extract the threads that I then reshape randomly, is a game of deconstruction and reconstruction. I express the desire to depart from the frame imposed by education and society, in order to recreate a new one that comes from my deep being. Like Tantrism, whose practice involves weaving ties with oneself, the other and the universe on the web of consciousness with the thread of energy, my works are an invitation ; ” To reconnect with the sacred dimension of one’s being to let one’s soul sing, to be inspired, to do what deeply animates it, to live fully when emerging from appearing and going towards being” * Tantrism (from the root “tan” evoking the idea of extension and weaving, its primary meaning being “thread” and more precisely “string” or “weft” of a fabric and the suffix “tra” Idea of interiority). Nadine Brune R

Amazing Artworks by Nadine Brune R

More info : www.nadinebruner.com FB / Nadine Brune R artiste plasticienne @nadinebrunernadinebruner


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