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American artist, painter and environmentalist Shane Townley

American artist, painter and environmentalist Shane Townley.

Shane Townley is an American artist, painter and environmentalist with over 20 years of success in the arts. He was born in 1972 in Ithaca, NY and currently resides in upstate New York with studios in Manhattan and California. He is a 1994 graduate of the Platt School of Art & Design. After graduation, he worked for several newspaper and magazine publications. 

Townley’s primary focus is on global warming and the effect technology has on the human mind. In 2004, he opened his first collaborative art space and is currently featured in other galleries. His work is also seen internationally, for mostly private and corporate collectors.

In 2015 he created a collaborative art space on Broadway in Tribeca called the New York Art Center. With over 15,000 square feet, 3 levels and a cafe, it was developed as a monthly art fair for emerging and established artists from around the world. Currently, there are 4,000 artists associated with this project and in 2019, 12,000 art enthusiasts visited the space.

In March of 2020 Townley had a solo exhibition in Tribeca at 373 Broadway. The Show was the “Dark Series” and was created in February of 2020 in his New York studio. His gallerist and curator of the show, Sonny Shenhan said, “this is the beginning of dark times to come.” Then we all know what happened to the world in 2020.

Currently Townley is directing the LagunaART.com gallery in the Shops of Mission Viejo where he will bring cultural programing and live performances such as performance art, dance, music and solo and group show exhibitions. The studio is also located inside the Shops of Mission Viejo, CA.

 “Dark Series’ Opening reception August 7 2021 (3-6pm) at the Shops of Mission Viejo, CA. https://lagunaart.com/
Follow the studio on IG: @shanetownley | website: shanetownley.com | email the studio: shanetownley@me.com
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