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AMONG THE FUTURE | Edwin Antonio

AMONG THE FUTURE | Edwin Antonio.

Edwin Antonio, 21 years old, University of Sacred Heart. Fine Art Photographer and Graphic Artist based in New York. Born in Puerto Rico.

Description of the projects: I want to color contrast between the garment and a particular paintings from the past centuries. It also presents how these pieces would look into factions of past centuries. Fashion saying that evolves and looks different in every century. It is an iteration between a photo, painting and a piece of fashion.

“Timeless” and “Among the future” is a style of two times contrast, Modern and Antigue using art from 16th to 19th century. Figures like Lucrecia, and are mixed up with pieces of clothing from fashion houses such as Loewe & Louis Vuitton. In this photo series Edwin wants to show how futuristic art from past centuries can look. Timeless is a connection between nature, beauty, art and fashion.