Anastasia Vostrezova |Ballet Paintings

Anastasia Vostrezova is a based Russian creative artist , live and work in Saint Petersburg. She have mainly dedicated to the subject of ballet. Ballet and the world of theatre behind the curtains for her is full of magic, lightness and grace. “All of these I am trying to convey through my work. You can see among my works fictional stories as well as scenes from different plays of various theatres”. Анастасия Vostrezova является на основе России творчество художника, жить и работать в Санкт-Петербурге. Она в основном посвящена теме балета. Балет и мир театра за шторами для нее полна волшебства, легкости и изящества. “Все это … Continue reading Anastasia Vostrezova |Ballet Paintings