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Anastasiia Podervianska&Lili Bratus- textile coat

Textile coats with hand embroidery portraits.

Anastasiia made it with clothes designer Lili Bratus , and made embroidery  by herself. Portraits – replica from the famous painters, Velasques, Da Vinchi, Rubens, Vermeer, etc. You can wear your coat or you can put it on the wall like a painting. Here you can see portrait on Infanta Margarita, or Portrait of Lady-in-Waiting to the Infanta Isabella, or  Girl with a Pearl Earring, or portrait of stranger, or portrait of Shinoby Koi, or Carolina Riviere. Artist try to repeat the brush stroke by embroidery on textile coat. The collection includes 5 coats. Every portrait made by  hand embroidery.

Textile coats with hand embroidery portraits.