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Andre Kohn |Impressionist Painter

Andre Kohn is a Figurative Impressionism which seeks to capture the complexity

as well as the simplicity and directness of the human form. “I’m seeking my own unique, poetic interpretation of the moment,” he says. “I’m striving to find the extraordinary in the ordinary”.

Andre Kohn’s professional art education began at age 15 when he was chosen to apprentice in the studios of Moscow’s  most esteemed Impressionist and Social Realist artists.

Despite Kohn’s unrepeatable pallet, personally developed style and unique interpretations of form, his education is enduring. From his home in Arizona, Kohn travels the world for inspiration, periodically returning to France to continue his formal, classical studies.

Andre Kohn |Impressionist Painter


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Artist website: http://www.andrekohn.com/


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