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Andrzej Mazur and his Hand Coloured Etchings

The common feature of my works is mystery. Both for viewers who try to decode meanings of the whole picture or any part of it, and for me.

It is true that I myself have to explore secrets of my works and through self-analysis gain knowledge about them. I am fascinated by Human Being.
It is an approach based on cultural and historical awareness, and on the respect for great masters such a Albrecht Durer or Hendrick Goltzius. What I’m finding important besides these are the narrative character of works, the element of narration, yet one that separates what is presented from what that which is presented signifies. I’m presenting forms that yield to the law of gravity, being at the same time gifted with irony and sarcasm.
My works and research explore conceptual relations between cognitive processes, languages and cultures. The very choice of the subject, the gesture, the motif disclosed a predesposition to a related interpretation of the world, access to similar layers of the absurd, and referencs to objects recorded in the history of symbols. Define concepts, sings and symbols engaged in the insane dance of associations.

The spinnerThe Spinner

The loversLovers


would nyou lay with meWould you lay with me

unable reachUnable to Reach

anathomy of desireAnathomy of Desire

Escape from wonderlandEscape from wonderland

Yearning for the ininityYearning for the infinity