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Anita Bjørbekk Creative Arts

– Artistic biography                                                                                   date 11.06.2015

My name is Anita Bjørbekk and my vision is that we shall find the love of ourselves and pleasure in everyday life. I want this to shine out of my images. When people look at my pictures, I want them to be aware of the love and joy in themselves.


In 2011, I walked past a paint shop and my intuition told me that I should go in there and buy some canvas and some paint. This changed my life and I found my creative germ, where time and space disappear and this gave me so much energy. Paint was my form of therapy where I felt mastery and this gave me a new life. I began to be more confident to make choices and not care about what others thought about me.


I started the company Kreativ Kunst (CreativeArts) in February 2013. Over the past two years I have made my own gallery, galleri AB, located across the street from my studio. I have started a Creative cafe, not a cafe but a place where you can come to be inspired. From this I created a blog on my website www.kreativkunst.no. The blog on www.galleri-ab.com is from my exhibitions.


Last year I found out that my palette is the color that I see in the rainbow. I started to study color theories in a wide specter and then I created my own color system (10 color system), wrote a small book about the nine color personalities and prepared 45 color cards with small book about raising awareness of feelings. I wrote a little fairy tale about Rainbow’s daughter, made a little story about the colors versa complementary colors and made a song called Dream colors etc.


For me, the colors are symbolic of different personalities. I think by using these color personalities you can retrieve all the personality talents, abilities and integrate them to make them aware you. I believe that by using colors you can get in harmony and balance.


I have started a cooperation with the travel agency Blixen Tours Norway. I will sell Inspirational travel series – all over the world. By using colors and culture of the place we are going to you can get inspired and start to get in touch with your intuition. We all want to live our dream and I believe intuition is the key to find it. The first trip includes the color turquoise and it goes to Mauritius.


In August 2014 one of my paintings was selected to join the Telemark exhibition in Norway, it is a traveling exhibition shown at four places in Telemark county from September until Christmas. I was so fortunate that my painting also was chosen to be in front of the poster and program.


This is a great recognition and hopefully the start of a wonderful career in the arts. Creativity gives me energy and I want using my pictures and creativity to shine and show others that anything is possible if you really start to believe in yourself and dare to be visible.


In November and December 2014 I set up a separate exhibition called From darkness to light – look for colors. I also had a few installations using words and flashlights.


15-18 May 2015 I participated the exhibition Romart2015 in Rome Italy.


3-28 June I am invited to have a separate exhibition which I called “Flowering” at Gulsetsenteret in Skien, Norway.


4-25 July 2015 I am invited by Galeria Farini to participate in the next event for international painting and sculpture to be held in the gallery at Palazzo Fantuzzi Farini in Bologna, Italy.


Galleria Farini, Bologna Italy, makes a catalogue with eleven of my works and the expert Azurra Immediato write a full review of my works.


9-12 July 2015 I am participating Artmonaco`15 in Monte Carlo, Monaco.


16 August 2015 I am participating the exhibition “Elva rundt” in Drammen. It is Norway`s longest art exhibition.


Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo (International Art Curators) has awarded me with the International Prize Marco Polo – Art Ambassador. The award will take place on September 25, 2015 inside the Marin Palace “Palazzo Marin” in Venice, Italy.


Salvatore Russo (International Art Curator) has chosen me to be one of 50 artist in the prestigious expositive project “Pollock – the new heirs – 50 cases of informal paintings”. The exhibition will take place 15-18 October in Villa Castelnuovo in Palermo, Italy.


17-25 October 2015 I am participating the exhibition X Florence Biennale in Firenze Italy.


2-28 November 2015, I am invited to have a separate exhibition that I called “Light in darkness” at Gråtenmoen bydelshus in Skien, Norway.


My dream is really coming true… and I am living it…



– Exhibition history

Separate exhibitions:

  • Tante Theoline, Sales exhibition – 2012, 2013 Norway
  • galleri AB, – 2013, 2014, 2015 Norway
  • Ting, Tang and Kaffe, Sales exhibition – 2013, 2014 Norway
  • “From Darkness to light – look for colors” – 2014 Norway
  • Gulsetsenteret, “Flowering” – 2015 Norway
  • Gråtenmoen bydelshus, “Light in darkness” – 2015 Norway


Collective exhibitions:

  • Telemark exhibition – 2014 Norway
  • Romart2015 – 2015, Rome, Italy
  • Galeria Farini, gallery at Palazzo Fantuzzi Farini, Bologna, Italy
  • Artmonaco`15 , Monte Carlo, Monaco
  • Elva Rundt – 2015 Drammen, Norway
  • “International Prize Marco Polo – Art Ambassador” 2015 Venice, Italy
  • “Pollock – the new heirs – 50 cases of informal paintings” 2015 Palermo, Italy
  • X Florence Biennale – 2015 Firenze, Italy