Anna Natsvlishvili’s Art

This is my Artworks… They are made with ink pen. Most of them are from serial,

what’s name is “Sherlock” and my favorite character is Moriarty and i have two photos of him. I am drawing at about tree month, i have own page on Facebook, what’s name is “Anna Natsvlishvili’s Art”. I have many orders. In short, I have mini business. I also have drawing with pen. Now, I am drawing on the very big paper, I hope it will be good. In the future, I want to paint my room’s wall, and if someone want, I will draw for her(him) also. Thank you for your attention10406833_931584116895187_4072579753368442499_n 12400623_931584153561850_2423857354630412241_n

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